Who We Are

This project is privately sponsored by space enthusiasts, both amateurs, and professionals. All work was performed by volunteers and is a "labor of love."

Team leader of the project is Bill Anderton of Highland Park, Texas; a life-long space enthusiast with extensive professional experience in information science contracting and consulting with NASA, the Department of Defense and the aerospace industry. Bill also functions as our curator-in-chief and has provided our entire technical and media platforms.

The"MoonScape" team is lead by Paolo Attivissimo, British-Swiss-Italian science journalist and longtime space enthusiast. The veterans of Project Apollo are lending their superb technical skills and hands-on experience in making the documentary.

Our film partner in this project is the Illudium Film Society, established to bring high-quality cinema, particularly obscure, notable films or long-forgotten films, to the public in special screenings and festival formats. The society seeks to screen "films that change the way we see." The Illudium Film Society was formed for just the love of film, particularly science fiction and science history.

Although we make extensive use of the public-domain content provided by NASA, we are not affiliated with NASA and not funded by the space agency. This is a purely private effort done purely for the love of all things space related.