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This website has an extensive inventory of content, most of it in the form of high-definition streaming video. Our featured content is hosted on our own state-of-the-art technical systems in order to provide near-universal access from all over planet Earth AND to ensure the highest quality possible. All of our content works across many browsers and devices (including desktop computers and mobile devices.) Our streaming video content will automatically and dynamically adjust to a very wide range of broadband connections and elegantly deal with any network congestion that may arise during playback.

We also have supplemental content in the form of more than three dozen additional videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo.

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Our Featured Piece of Content: "MoonScape"

Moonscape allows you to experience the landing and the Moonwalk through the eyes of the astronauts. Photographs that were taken in sequence are assembled into panoramic views; the TV and color film footage is shown in sync with the radio communications and with the photos, allowing you to see rare and unusual details of the historic event from multiple viewpoints and with unprecedented clarity by using the best available scans and transfers of the original material.

Most documentaries during the past forty years have used footage whose quality was degraded by multiple analog transfers; "Moonscape" instead gets as close as possible to the sharpness and richness of the original images.

With the help of donations from space enthusiasts all over the world, the "MoonScape" team purchased the amazing restored and retransferred 16mm footage of the Moonwalk from Footagevault.com, the same source used by documentaries such as "In The Shadow of the Moon". The photographs have been sourced from NASA's GAPE (Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, eol.jsc.nasa.gov) with a resolution of 4400 x 4600 pixels. The complete restored TV broadcast is also included, courtesy of Bill Wood, Lowry Digital and Ed Von Renouard. All the astronauts' communications are subtitled for clarity as a complement to the Air to Ground audio kindly provided by Colin MacKellar of Honeysuckle Creek. Stephen Slater's amazing audio sync work provides the Mission Control coverage.

Differently, from many other documentaries, "Moonscape" doesn't “cheat” by using footage taken out of context or from other Apollo flights for dramatic purposes. Every picture and every sound are original and true to the actual sequence of events, as documented by NASA's Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (courtesy of Eric Jones.) The only special effects allowed are image cropping and stabilization, where needed, color correction and digital image stitching to generate high-definition panoramic views from the photographs.

"Moonscape" is freely available at no cost, with no copyright restrictions except those provided by its Creative Commons license: basically, you'll be free to copy it to any medium, as long as you give credit to the authors.

Curated Supplemental Content

To supplement our educational mission, in addition to the "MoonScape" documentary, we also feature a large inventory of additional videos, photographs and historical documents from NASA and explainer pages.

All of our supplemental content is curated by experts to provide honest, truthful and historically accurate sources of information.

Our supplemental information provides explainers and drill-down information for those who become interested in a wide-ranging set of topics related to the Apollo 11 mission.