"MoonScape" Restoration Demos

Most documentaries during the past forty years have used footage whose quality was degraded by multiple analog transfers; "Moonscape" instead gets as close as possible to the sharpness and richness of the original images.

With the help of donations from space enthusiasts all over the world, the Moonscape team purchasing the amazing restored and retransferred 16mm footage of the Moonwalk from Footagevault.com, the same source used by documentaries such as "In The Shadow of the Moon." The photographs have been sourced from NASA's GAPE (Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth) with a resolution of 4400 x 4600 pixels. The complete restored TV broadcast is also included, courtesy of Bill Wood, Lowry Digital and Ed Von Renouard. All the astronauts' communications are subtitled for clarity as a complement to the Air to Ground audio kindly provided by Colin MacKellar of Honeysuckle Creek. Stephen Slater's amazing audio sync work provides the Mission Control coverage.

Differently from many other documentaries, "Moonscape" doesn't “cheat” by using footage taken out of context or from other Apollo flights for dramatic purposes. Every picture and every sound are original and true to the actual sequence of events, as documented by NASA's Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (courtesy of Eric Jones). The only special effects allowed are image cropping and stabilization, where needed, color correction and digital image stitching to generate high-definition panoramic views from the photographs.