Have a Public Watch Party!

On July 20, 1969, groups of people all over the world gathered together to watch the Apollo 11 Moonwalk as it was broadcast live from the Moon on network television; in homes, private parties, churches and public venues. It was the most-watched broadcast of all time.

Myself, I watched the network news broadcast with about 30 members of my youth group in the Fellowship Hall of my local church in Ft. Worth, Texas. Our "MoonScape" documentary is a perfect opportunity for a free group event among your constituents. As an open-source documentary, our film festival includes all the public display licensing necessary for you to use our festival in a group setting WITHOUT the usually-required licensing fees. Its use is completely free, with our blessings!

You can organize an event for educational purposes or as a social event. We suggest that you don't necessarily restrict your watch party to your students. Invite parents and perhaps even members of the public from your community. Make it into a party!

Our documentary provides an opportunity to put a watch party together to watch the Moonwalk again or, depending on the age of your audience's age, perhaps for the first time. Today's students likely have only seen small video clips of the Moonwalk and not the entire thing. Older audiences likely haven't seen the Moonwalk since they watched it live in 1969.

Gather your friends and family or go broad. Watch the Moonwalk again or for the first time! You can use the "MoonScape" documentary to introduce the Apollo 11 adventure and its history to young people who weren't yet born in 1969 and know little about Apollo except for a few brief clips they have seen or what they learned in history class. Or relive the rich memories of people who watched it live in 1969.

Make watching the documentary a group experience by connecting a computer to a video projector or large-screen TV (via our Chromecast support or simply with an HDMI cable) and have a watch party in your home, school, community center or church.

We Now Support Chromecast

To study group presentations, the media player embedded into our media web pages supports screencasting to the Google Chromcast device for casting our media to large-screen displays using the display's HDMI port.

With our support of casting, from your computer, tablet or smartphone - any device that can show our media player - you can send our videos to any big-screen high-definition TV that is equipped with the low-cost Chromecast device. The device is typically $35 at retailers or online.  If you are in WiFi range of a Chromecast device, the casting icon (see image to the left) will be automatically displayed in the media player's toolbar. Click on the casting icon and the video/audio payload of the player will be cast to your Chromecast-equipped TV. Only player's video and audio will be sent to the TV, which will be shown full screen. The remainder of the web page and its controls will not be seen on the TV, only on your computer or mobile device.

If your broadband connection is fast enough, you will see the video in full 1080p high definition.

No cables, no sizing of the screen to fit - no fuss, no muss.

If a Chromecast device is within range, the feature will auto-configure. Simply look for the Chromecast icon in the player toolbar and click it!

Screencasting is a perfect way to enjoy the film festival in a group environment or to have the "living room" experience that is perfect for watching our long-form film with a runtime of 3 hours and 27 minutes.