Use Any Device and Any Connection

By design, our entire online experience (pages and media) is designed to allow you to use almost any device and a wide range of broadband connections. You can use our content in fixed facilities like classroom or home or while mobile.

All of our pages will work with almost any device running almost any browser. This includes desktop computers using Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Also mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets using Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. These devices can use any of the most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Opera. You can even use large-screen smart TVs that can access the web or by using the Google Chromecast device. You can even connect your computer to a large-screen projector for large-group events.

Any broadband connection as slow as 3G wireless connections or up to fiber-to-the-home connections. Our adaptive streaming technology will automatically adapt to the speed of your connection by adjusting the size and quality of the video payload. Our adaptive streaming also adjusts dynamically to elegantly accommodate periods of network congestion by sampling and adjusting video speeds every 9-seconds throughout your media session.

All of this advanced technology is fully automatic. There is nothing you have to do except click "Play" on the device you select to use; Everything else is automatic.

It is appliance-simple and reliable; it just works!

The advantage of this approach is that the same content will simply work with your device and connection. Just click and enjoy.